3 Tribute Gifts To Comfort A Widow Or Widower

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Losing a spouse is widely considered among the top stressors in life, and a new widow or widower is often inconsolable after the loss of their spouse. Seeing your loved one mired in grief that deep can be painful, and it may even make you feel helpless since there is nothing you can do to bring their spouse back. However, don't give in to those feelings of helplessness. Instead, take action and be there for your hurting loved one. You may start by helping them with funeral arrangements for their beloved spouse. Follow that up by planning one of these tribute gifts that are sure to bring a large measure of comfort to them at the funeral.

Arranged Dinner with The Deceased Spouse's Closest Friends

Sometimes the best gift for someone who is deeply in mourning is a planned activity. People who are in extreme grief can sometimes neglect to eat or leave the house for an entire day. Lift their spirits at the funeral by presenting them with a card that explains that you have arranged a memorial dinner on the town with the deceased spouse's closest friends.

Speak to each friend ahead of time and plan stories that they can share about the spouse that the widow or widower may not yet know. Choosing a restaurant that the couple enjoyed together can help make the gift even more special and help them return to a place they enjoy after the loss.

Quilt from the Spouse's Shirts

Although this will take some planning, create a quilt from their deceased spouse's shirts or outfits. You may let them know about this gift at the funeral, although you may not have the chance to complete it yet. You may ask them whether they have special requests for the quilt, and you can customize the gift to be particularly meaningful for the bereaved loved one.

Floral Arrangement That Honor the Couple's Love

Sometimes a simple floral arrangement can be the best gift. As long as your newly widowed loved one is open to receiving flowers, choosing an arrangement that specifically pays tribute to the love the couple shared can be immensely comforting, and it is sure to stand out among other flowers. You may choose a flower that the deceased person gave their spouse or even choose flowers that were used in their wedding. Include a personalized note that explains why you chose the flowers you did.

Finally, keep in mind that the effort and time that you put into the gift is ultimately what will be the most appreciated. When someone loses a spouse, feeling that others lavish love on them can be a great comfort, especially since the person in life they probably love the most has been taken. Spend extra time with a new widow or widower. Keep showing up in their lives throughout the healing process. When you give a thoughtful tribute gift and show them your true friendship, you can be a big part of their healing from this extremely difficult loss.

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