Cremation Myths That You May Want Addressed

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There are numerous options that are available when you are needing to arrange for a loved one's funeral. While cremations are rapidly growing as one of the more popular options for disposing of bodies, there are many notions and myths about this funeral option.

Myth: You Have To Buy A Casket For A Cremation Service

Individuals that are considering cremation will often assume that it is necessary to buy a casket for these ceremonies. However, this is not actually the case as the body will be placed in a specially designed container for the cremation. These containers will easily ignite so that the body will be exposed to the heat in a more even manner.

If you are wanting to have a viewing, there are many casket rental services that can be used so that you have a casket for these events without having to pay the full price of buying one. To help make using these services easier, they will usually provide delivery services so that the casket can be safely and conveniently delivered to the funeral home.

Myth: There Are No Restrictions On Where Ashes Can Be Scattered

Disposing of the ashes of a loved one is an essential aspect of the cremation process. Scattering the ashes of a loved one in a beautiful or emotionally significant area can be a great option for honoring your loved one while paying your final respects.

However, there are many states and communities that have limits on where ashes can be scattered and the process for obtaining permission to do this. In some communities, it might be a requirement to obtain a permit prior to scattering the ashes. Additionally, you can not scatter ashes on private property without the permission of the owner.

Myth: Cremation Services Cost The Same For Everyone

Any type of funeral service can be a major investment, but this is an important step for getting closure with the passing of a loved one. A key benefit of cremation is that it is far more economical than a traditional burial while preserving the dignity of your loved one. Yet, it is important to note that the cost of cremation can be influenced by the weight of the deceased. Heavier individuals will require more energy and time to cremate, which can result in additional fees. Fortunately, the funeral home can provide you with a quote for the cremation price one the death certificate has been received and reviewed.

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