Funeral Flowers Befitting A Veteran

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If you want to honor a veteran, do it with flowers. Funeral flowers for a former soldier should be crafted differently, with patriotism and national pride in mind. Consider a unique floral display that will not only pay tribute to your loved one, but that will let everyone know that this individual served their country.

Discuss with your florist the following ways to memorialize your veteran:

Ask for customization. Ask your floral designer to place an insignia in the center of a traditional, round wreath. These are often made of stiff paper or plastic, which holds up well at outdoor sites and cemeteries. These will display the branch of service that the deceased belonged to, in a tasteful way.

Choose purple blooms. Honor a fallen soldier with purple flowers, as purple represents bravery in the face of danger. Furthermore, there are many fitting, inexpensive flowers that are found widely year-round, such as purple Chrysanthemums. These are perfect when accented with sprigs of white baby's breath and a simple purple bow.

Go with red, white, and blue. Go ahead and show some patriotism with red, white, and blue casket sprays and graveside arrangements. These can be designed to echo a flag, or you can simply mix dyed carnations, roses, or tulips to show patriotism in a subtle way.

Replicate the insignia. Ask about floral forms that indicate the branch of service that the deceased was a member of. For instance, pay tribute to a navy veteran with a floral anchor, crafted with marine-blue carnations and a bold, red ribbon. Your favorite florist may offer a look-book for you to view and select your form from.

Compose a cross. A timeless idea that is fitting any veteran is a simple, floral cross. These are made on wreath rings with wire, and can be done in any color scheme that you choose. Talk with your florist about the best flowers for these pieces, as well as for pricing information before you order.

Remember to add a flag. Whatever way you choose to honor your veteran, finish it off with a flag. Even the simplest of arrangements or bouquets come to life and really embrace the spirit of the military when you add a flag to the display. Again, ask your florist about options or bring the flag that you want added to your flowers directly to the florist yourself.

Use these suggestions when choosing the perfect floral arrangement for a deceased veteran. Talk with your florist about additional ideas and costs. You can also talk to a professional like Parsippany Funeral Home Inc.