Additions That Will Personalize A Loved One's Cremation Service

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If you intend on holding a cremation service for a loved one you recently lost, you are most likely anxious about making the event one that will be remembered by all who attend. There are several ways you can personalize a service to be a bit unique rather than holding a standard service according to a funeral home's plan. Here are some ideas you may want to consider incorporating into your loved one's memorial to make it different and sure to be appreciated by guests.

Let Each Participant Sprinkle A Bit Of Ashes

Instead of having one person sprinkle your loved one's ashes in their final resting spot, consider allowing each person attending the memorial service to have a turn at dispersing ashes. This is a great time for each person to say a few words to the rest of the guests in attendance, as they will have the full attention of the crowd when it is their turn to scatter ashes. One way to do this type of ceremony is to hand out small containers with ashes inside to be sprinkled together as a group, or individually, according to your desires. The cases can be kept as a memento when the ceremony has been completed. Another idea is to place ashes in biodegradable paper packets and have each person plant their packet on their own property.

Hand Out Mementos For Guests To Reflect

Giving each guest a small photograph of your loved one along with a picture frame, locket, or pocket watch to hold it in is a great way for their memory to stay alive. Each time the recipient looks at their gift, they will be reminded of the fun times they had with your loved one when they were alive. This memento will sure to be treasured by each and every person who receives one.

Consider Having A Balloon Release

At the end of a cremation service, it is a nice gesture to do a release of balloons into the air. This signifies the body being free and will be a beautiful sight for those attending to witness. Encourage each person attending to write a special farewell upon a balloon with a marker before it is to be released in the air. This will give those attending a feeling of closure as they let their balloon lift off. Some alterations in this type of event are the releasing of doves or butterflies.

For information on cremation services, contact an organization like the American Cremation Society.