Simple Ways To Make The Funeral Easier For The Bereaved Family

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One of the hardest things in life is seeing loved ones suffer. Going to the funeral and seeing a bereaved family you love can be difficult, but you can make the mourners feel better by taking simple steps to show your regard for the deceased person and your respect for bereaved loved ones. Take these simple actions to make the funeral easier for the mourning family.

Arrive Early When Possible 

Try to arrive early for the funeral. That way, you can talk to your loved ones privately and better assess how they are doing. You may be able to then help set things up or take over duties like arranging floral arrangements in a way that suits the family. Arriving early also shows that you respect the time of the mourners and want to be there for them.

Offer Specific Things You Can Do When Giving Condolences

Thoughts and prayers are appreciated. So are flowers and cards of condolences. However, when you approach the family to offer words of comfort at the funeral, let them know that you plan to do things to truly make their lives easier, so they can focus on processing their grief and healing. It can help them feel a sense of relief at the funeral.

Assess their specific needs during this difficult time, then offer to do certain chores or things that can take some of the worry or responsibilities off their shoulders. For example, offer to pack kids' school lunches for a month, plan an activity once per week, so mourners get out of the house or explain your intention to stop by and do dishes or laundry for two weeks. It can be anything that helps make life easier for a bereaved loved one.

There's even one simple thing you can do immediately at the funeral that may make their lives easier. Offer to greet others at the funeral. Not all mourning families feel like greeting a long line of people, so you can offer to greet funeral attendees and offer to pass along their sentiments to the mourners.

Ask Questions if You're Unsure of a Family's Traditions

Respecting any religious or family traditions at the funeral is important. Ask questions if you're not sure. For example, flowers are not part of the funeral tradition for some religions. If you think that may be the case for the family, ask before sending floral arrangements for funeral home services.

Finally, going to a funeral can be challenging for many people. After all, it does inevitably bring considerations of death even if the funeral attendees didn't know the deceased person well. By focusing on simple ways to make the funeral easier for the bereaved family, you empower yourself to take positive actions and create a more positive experience for those who need the help the most.