A Laser Etched Monument Is A Lasting Tribute To Your Loved One

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When a loved one passes away unexpectedly, you suddenly have many decisions to make. Besides choosing a coffin and burial clothes, you also need to select a cemetery and gravestone. Even choosing a gravestone comes with decisions you have to make, such as having the stone engraved or laser etched. Here are some things to know about laser etching a monument.

Selecting A Suitable Monument For Etching

If you already know you want laser etching for the monument, then you'll want to keep that in mind when you choose a cemetery. Cemeteries have their own regulations when it comes to the type of grave markers that are allowed. Some may not allow headstone monuments, and that could affect the cemetery you choose. You also need to consider the type of stone for the monument.

Black granite is the ideal choice since the dark background makes the etched picture and text stand out. You'll see fine details easier, and the photo will appear more realistic. However, the laser etching company you choose might be able to work with a different monument you've chosen by adapting their technique. This might be necessary if your loved one planned their funeral in advance and already has a headstone of a different color.

Why Laser Etching Is A Good Choice

Any grave marker can contain the name, date of birth, date of death, and an engraved graphic, but laser etching allows you to add these details and more. You can have a photo of your loved one or a beautiful background etched into the granite. This is a touching way to remember your loved one and to provide a reminder of them for generations to come.

Seeing a photo of your loved one etched into the stone when you visit their grave can give you comfort, but you can also have a photo engraved that makes people smile. This could be a good choice if your loved one always liked to make people laugh or was a well-loved member of the community.

The headstone can be designed and customized however you like, but you'll need a high-quality digital photograph for the company to work from. The computerized machine uses the photograph as a guide for blasting off the top layer of granite to reproduce the picture in the rock. Since the picture is made by removing a layer of rock, it becomes part of the stone itself and will last for a long time even when exposed to the elements. Laser etching a monument makes the stone more personal, and that can bring some peace to your family members while creating a lasting memorial to your deceased loved one.

For more information about laser etching monuments, contact a local funeral home or etching company.