Are You Planning A Cremation Service At Your Home?

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Did you recently lose a loved one to death? If so, you are more than likely still grieving, aren't you? You have probably heard that time is the best healer, haven't you? Meanwhile, are you using time to plan a cremation service? Do you have all of the arrangements made? If not, from planning a cremation service right in your home to remembering your loved one in a special way that will bring you comfort, here are some ideas that might help you.

​The Cremation Service At Your Home - If you are holding the service at your home, is that an indication that it will be attended only by close friends and relatives? If so, this will more than likely be a special time of healing for each of you. Consider what you want for the service.

For example, if it will be a very small group in attendance, think of asking all of those present to share memories of times spent with the deceased person. If somebody gets too long-winded, have a plan to let the next person speak. For example, a simple expression like, Thank you for sharing those sweet memories with us. I believe Sue wants to speak now. And a gentle hug following your words will make the interruption even better. 

Maybe you would rather have one or two speakers share things about the deceased person's life. In that case, think of giving them anecdotes that will add humor to what might be a depressing setting. 

Would you like music as part of the service? If so, is there anybody in the group who plays the violin or the guitar? Think of songs that the deceased person loved. Ahead of time ask the person who will perform to play two or three of those songs. Or, sing a favorite hymn. Even if there's not a piano for accompaniment, a beautiful hymn might bring solace to those who attend the cremation service.

Special Remembrances - Think of asking each person to write down his or her feelings in a pretty book with blank pages. Because of the size of the group, it is likely that not many pages will be filled, leaving many blank pages for you. After the service is complete, think of leaving the book out where you can read the words that loved ones wrote. As time progresses, continue writing in the book.

At first, you might find that you fill the pages with words that reflect how much you miss her or him. As time goes by, you might find that the pages are being filled with fun memories that you have of the person who passed away.

For more information about cremation planning, talk to a funeral home near you.