4 Ways To Convince Your Family That Cremation Is A Good Decision

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Do you have an end-of-life plan? If not, your loved ones may have disagreements when it is time to decide how to handle your remains. Do not assume that telling one or more individuals in your family that you want to be cremated or buried to be sufficient. Some individuals have personal views regarding cremation. It would be best to discuss with your family while you are living if you want your remains to be cremated. You likely will not be able to discuss your wishes with the entire family, which is why it is ideal to legally document it or have power of attorney. If your loved ones disagree with your decision or do not understand, the following points identify a few key reasons why cremation may be a better option than a burial.

Environmentally Friendly

Burial plots require land. If more people were to choose cremation, it could preserve land. After cemeteries are established, the bodies are usually left in the burial plots unless there is a need for an exhumation. Even if an exhumation occurs, the remains and the casket will be returned to the grave. Cremated remains are either kept in urns, or they are scattered in a designated location. Some families have decided to place urns in caskets. However, many choose urns.


The cost of a modest funeral can be significant. Some funerals are lavish and costs will be greater. Cremations are not as costly. Sometimes individuals do not have life insurance. This can place a burden on their family members. Even if a life insurance policy is available, it might not be sufficient enough to cover a traditional funeral and burial. If there is a substantial policy, family members will have more money left over than they would with a traditional funeral and burial.

Ceremony and Viewing Still Possible

Some individuals assume that cremation will mean that a viewing of the body cannot occur. It is possible to rent a casket for viewing of the body and have the cremation performed after the services.

Easy Transport

It costs a lot to transport a body. However, an urn containing ashes can be transported. This means that your remains could affordably be transported to another state if needed. It would allow for more than one service if your family members living outside of your area.

A cremation services provider is a good resource to use to learn the additional benefits of cremation. They can help you plan your cremation while you are still living. This will allow your loved ones to grieve and not have to bicker over how your remains or funeral service should go.

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