Three Reasons To Choose A Glass Headstone

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Granite is a common material for headstones, but this isn't usually your only choice when you're browsing different headstone options. Whether you're preplanning your funeral and are looking for a headstone for your cemetery plot, or a loved one has recently passed away and you're shopping for a monument to honor him or her, it's worthwhile to consider other materials beyond granite. One such material is glass — a material that isn't as common when it comes to headstones but is still available as a choice from many vendors. Here are three reasons to choose this type of headstone.

It Creates A Unique Look

It can be fitting to think about either your life or the life of your recently deceased family member to assess how unique you are or the person was. For example, if you're looking for a headstone for a family member who was always unique, going with a unique headstone may be appropriate. Glass can definitely fit this description. While there may be other glass headstones in the cemetery, there probably won't be that many — and that can mean that your loved one's monument really stands out, just like he or she did in life.

The Visual Effect Is Powerful

Give some thought to the location of the gravesite within the cemetery and what will lie beyond the headstone. Keep in mind that people will want to sit on the ground in front of the grave. If there's a beautiful backdrop, such as a group of trees, a flower garden, or a pond, a solid headstone can block out this scene. If you were to choose a glass headstone, however, the person sitting at the grave would get to enjoy the natural beauty in the background while paying his or her respects, and this can add to the special nature of the moment.

It's Available In Many Colors

A big advantage of going with glass as a headstone material is that you can get a glass headstone in many different colors. While stone materials are available in different shades, too, you'll commonly find a broad selection of options when you shop for a glass headstone. If you or the person you're honoring had a favorite color, choosing a corresponding glass headstone may be appropriate. Or, you might want to get creative by going with a stained glass motif. Some people use a combination of traditional headstone materials and stained glass, for example, to create a unique look.

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