Choosing Cremation: Why It's A Great Choice

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If you or a loved one are choosing cremation over traditional burial, you're not alone. Most people in the US choose cremation over traditional burial and cremation continues to grow in popularity. If you meet with a cremation provider, you'll realize why cremation is a favored choice among many people as they pre-plan their own funerals or are setting up funeral arrangements for their loved ones.

Cremation can be a great choice if you are unsure of what you want to do when you pass on. It's a great way to honor those who have passed on as well while allowing those still living to feel like they can still have a traditional service. In fact, a cremation service as part of a funeral can be very much just like having a casket in a funeral proceeding, just with an urn or other special cremains holder.

Learn why choosing cremation is a wise choice. Your cremation provider will help you choose an urn or other means of holding cremains as well as help you plan a final funeral and resting place desires, if applicable. Keep in mind that some cremation services will also offer cremation for family pets upon request, but not all.

Cremation is cheaper

Cremation is a cheaper service than a traditional burial. Cremation itself is cheaper than embalming and preparing a body, and urns are cheaper than caskets. If you are on a budget and planning or prearranging a funeral service, then a cremation service will be much cheaper and remain affordable. Your cremation provider can show you the cost difference between traditional burial versus cremation so you can see for yourself.

Cremation gives you more options

Imagine being able to choose a beautiful urn that can remain in a loved one's house or be shared among family members. Also imagine being able to have your cremains put into a timer, piece of jewelry, or another trinket to keep as a memory. Cremation allows you to have more options when a loved one passes away or when you pass away, and you get to have a traditional funeral service at the same time.

You can still have a traditional service and honor a loved one or yourself even if cremation is your preparation of choice. Your cremation provider will show you how the process works and walk through the cremation service with you so you are confident in your choice. You'll see why most people choose this service in the end.

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